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    The SKRBBL® brand was created by artist, Luther Patton. He graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from Morehouse in 2010 and later earned an Art Education Certificate from Georgia State University in 2016. Essentially, Patton is currently an Art Teacher and is focused on creating high quality clothing and materials for artists and their lifestyle. 

    SKRBBL® is a merchandise brand inspired by artwork, tools, clothing, accessories, and embracing the idea of being "Art" while creating "Art." SKRBBL® is one brand with two perspectives... SKRBBL® Originals are applied Graphics on other branded items, and SKRBBL® is Premium quality merchandise made to the specifications under the House of SKRBBL®. SKRBBL® is an attitude and an inventive brand, infused with graphics, patterns and solid materials, amongst workwear and loungewear inspired pieces. SKRBBL® products are made for comfort and durability, and are meant to work in, while looking creative and stylish. When you put on SKRBBL® we not only expect you to look unique, but we expect you to feel comfortable, and fulfill your creative goals with SKRBBL®.

    SKRBBL®... Creating / Art

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